Digital Ambassadors – 6. Offering special projects and opportunities

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While the Digital Ambassadors programme offers plenty to keep students busy, it is a good idea to offer ad-hoc projects, to keep up the interest and also to raise the programme’s profile. In this post, I share some examples of successful projects.

In-house professional development days

Digital Ambassadors have enjoyed helping with the organising of our in-house professional development days. Some decide to lead presentations, while others help with the running of the event (runners, tech helpers, etc.). Depending on the size of a school, such events can be time-consuming to organise.



Digital Ambassadors were key to the success of the 2015 ECIS Technology Conference I organised at the Bavarian International School. Students were involved in the organisation, and the running of the event. For example, some students lead presentations, others were in charge of running the information desk, some were running school tours, etc. You can find full details of student involvement by visiting this page, or reading the entire series on ‘Organising a Tech Conference’.

With movements such as Edcamp, it is now very easy to organise a (un)conference and to get your students involved.


Work experience

While students are often encouraged to find work experience placement outside of their school, there are plenty of worthwhile projects that can be led by Digital Ambassadors for work experience, at school. Here are examples of such projects:

  • Help with the digital device returns (e.g. return for leasing, maintenance, etc.)
  • Video editing (professional development days, conference, etc.)
  • Documentation of new IT systems


Involvement in ad-hoc projects

Some projects need to be run once, and require a task-force for a limited period of time. Digital Ambassadors have shown a lot of interest in taking part in such projects. Here are some examples of projects in which the Digital Ambassadors have been involved, or will be involved in the 2015-16 academic year:

  • Tagging of trees around the school (QR codes)
  • Improvement of school tour (QR codes and AR)
  • 3D modelling of school buildings
  • 3D printing of school buildings
  • Creation of question banks for ‘BIS Tech Skills’


In the next post, I will discuss the importance of reviewing the programme.


Photo credit: The Editing Desk by Leon Terra under CC-BY-SA 

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