Digital Ambassadors – Enabling tech-minded students to become leaders

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Enabling students to become true technology leaders and change agents is one of the most rewarding projects I have undertaken in my teaching career at the high school/secondary school level. In this series of seven posts, I explain how I got the Digital Ambassadors programme off the ground, and how I have nurtured it over the past two years.

  1. Reviewing needs, strengths and areas for improvements
  2. Gauging existing expertise
  3. Building the programme
  4. Inviting students to participate
  5. Offering special projects and opportunities
  6. Reviewing the programme


Disclaimer: I was first introduced to the idea of a Digital Ambassadors programme by Aaron Metz, of the Canadian International School Hong Kong.


Photo credit: 006 – Students using technology by Brad Flickinger under CC-BY-SA

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