Organising a Tech Conference – 1. An organiser’s diary

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I recently organised the ECIS International Technology Conference at the Bavarian International School in Munich, Germany. The event was a success with over 220 tech professionals joining from over 75 organisations around the world.

ECIS Technology Conference - Opening remarks

Photo credit: Sebastian Stiphout © 2015

While the whole process has been extremely rewarding, it has also been a very demanding one. In this series of blog posts, I outline what needed to be done in order for the conference to be a success, and also what we wish we had done better. This series will be useful to anyone who wishes to organise a large-scale international event or to delegates who want to take a peek behind-the-scenes.

Please click on the links below to go to individual blog posts detailing each item.

  1. Getting the boss to say ‘Yes!’
  2. Conducting a feasibility study
  3. Preparing the budget
  4. Creating a website
  5. Scheduling & Programming
  6. Securing sponsors & exhibitors
  7. Employing student helpers
  8. Communicating using mass email tools
  9. Advertising the event
  10. Preparing the venue
  11. Preparing the presentation rooms
  12. During the conference
  13. Social events and networking opportunities
  14. Post conference debrief and feedback

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    […] mentioned in an earlier post, organising a conference is an extremely time consuming process. In our case the vast majority of […]

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